System Monitoring and Evaluation

Ensure the reliability and availability of your technical systems while creating a foundation for continous improvement.

Identify Trends

Changes over time must be analysed; How can you be certain that the past year’s improvement show a reliable trend?

Follow Up the Effect of Measures Taken

Implemented actions in the technical system or in maintenance should be monitored and evaluated based on the impact they have on the system effectiveness.

Create a Foundation For Future Improvements

Evaluate your technical system effectiveness and logistics to anticipate future problems and capitalise on opportunities for improvement.

System Monitoring

Simulations and other forms of analysis are based on values from previous system failure statistics and other reliability and maintenance data, if possible. Routines for monitoring the specific system is a prerequisite.

Trilogik develops methods and tools for processing data from system monitoring, that create a statistically assured foundation for further analysis. Thoroughly processed system monitoring data is an important part of system evaluation, that also creates a basis for continous improvements.

System Evaluation Through Simulation

Data Collection
A digital model of the system is built through simulation by using current data and reliability and maintenance conditions.

The model studies the system’s effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses to give a clear understanding of:

  • The effectiveness of the current logistics solution
  • The need for spares
  • The critical units of the system
  • The potential bottlenecks of the maintenance system
  • Current and future weaknesses

The result is compiled in a report with quantitative answers and suggestions for improvement.

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