Reliability Analysis

Trilogik offers reliability analysis, including dimensioning and optimisation of maintenance systems.

Reliability analysis and maintenance systems are two different parts of our business that are closely linked together:

Reliability is a goal, in terms of a system’s operating performance and availability, that one wishes to achieve.

Maintenance systems are the resources and the organisational structure that will achieve the goal and form a major part of a reliability analysis.

Reliability Analysis

A reliability analysis can be used to study the availability of a specific part of a technical system, or the system as a whole.

Reliability analysis can be be applied:

On a complex construction, where the vehicle or machine’s total reliability is affected by the reliability of each individual component.

To study the total availability of a number of subsystems that are combined into a whole system. In this case, the focus of the study is moved from the product’s design to an analysis of the entire system or process.

To review an entire organisation’s ability to deliver or produce. Factors that are usually taken into account in this particular kind of study are the organisation’s:

  • Maintenance system
  • Logistics
  • Supply and stock strategy, regarding replacement units and spare parts.
  • Marketing strategies and allocation of operational activities.

Availability and Utilisation

In a reliability analysis, the system availability is often studied – how productive a system is in comparison to its capacity. Since the purpose of an analysis often is to find areas of improvement, the data focuses on the system’s unavailability to find the operational disturbances that prevent the system from reaching its full capacity.

Utilisation is another area that is often analysed for availability studies. There is a need to divide and sort the down-time into different categories, based on the reason for the down-time, in this area of study. As with availability, this becomes more complex if a system or person can be occupied in a number of different degrees, with varying tasks or profitability.

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