A Swedish consulting company specialising in reliability analysis and simulation.

Independent Consultants Since 1998

Trilogik was founded in 1998 under the name Barman, Berggren & Ferm AB, by three consultants with many years of experience in the field. Today, the company consists of ten consultants, two of whom are part-owners.

Trilogik has no external owners or funding and is independent from the industry’s major companies. This is a comfort to us, as well as our customers who are actively looking for an independent advisor. The company has been profitable since its inception, a steady trend that has lasted every fiscal year, and is completely independent of external financiers.

How We Co-Operate

Our work as independent consultants is built on a solid foundation of co-operation, with both customers, and other consulting companies. We collaborate with other consulting companies, if we need to increase our capacity or extend our expertise into new fields.

We collaborate. Our consultants support each other in order to develop and refine our tools, while working closely with the customer. By learning from each other, keeping a continuous dialogue throughout the assignment, we avoid unnecessary lapses in communication and achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Our Areas of Expertise: