Analysis of Operative Activities

Analysis of Operative Activities

A company’s operative activity is the section of the organization that realises the company’s business concept. It is a complex network of subprocesses and systems that work in concert to create an output. The production in an industrial organisation, the transports for logistical, travelling or traffic activities, the administration in office-bound companies – all are examples of operative environments.

By analysing your operative activities, or systems, we create a comprehensive foundation that allows you to make informed decisions about future:

  • Changes
  • Improvements
  • Investments

Our Method

Operative analysis is often used to evaluate how a process is impacted by organisational changes. Therefore, we mainly use simulation. Simulation allows us to build a digital model based on the structure and the conditions of the business, and study different scenarios to:

  • Evaluate alternative solutions.
  • Analyse the consequences of potential changes.
  • Find strengths and weaknesses in the process.

Simulation gives us a way of studying and testing systems in a manner that would be far too expensive, or impossible to do in reality.

We also use a combination of analytical tools from different sub disciplines of applied mathematics, if required.

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