Analyse and Optimise Your Organisation

With expertise in availability and reliability analysis and simulation, Trilogik helps businesses and government agencies find cost-effective solutions and strategies for their technical systems.

Cost Optimisation

Changes in operating or maintenance conditions, or implementing a new technical system? We help you find cost-effective solutions and strategies by analysing all aspects of your maintenance system.

Independent Analysis

Trilogik has been independent from the industry's major actors since its inception, in 1998. A comfort for us as consultants, but also for our customers, who are actively looking for an independent advisor.

Custom Solutions

We adapt to the needs of our customers and constantly refine our tools to achieve the best results possible.

Simulate, Analyse and Improve

Trilogik offers services in two main areas of expertise:

Availability and reliability analysis

  • Ensure the reliability and availability of your technical system.
  • Create a foundation for continuous improvements of your system or process.
  • Optimize your maintenance system to meet your goals for availability and maintenance costs.


Create, or further develop, simulation models to evaluate a current, or potential, business, process, or technical system.


Our Services