Project Management

In the fields of Reliability and Logistics

Expertise, Experience and Analysis

With expertise in the problem area and project managers experienced in analytical tools, we ensure that the project is carried out and completed according to your expectations.

As a project managers in the fields of reliability and logistics, our consultants contribute with:

  • Experience and knowledge in the fields of reliability and logistics.
  • Effective models and tools from our method bank.
  • The ability to quickly get involved in the project.
  • An understanding of the customer’s unique situation and an ability to adapt the project accordingly to achieve the best possible effect.

Our Process

Our consultants take responsibility for the project reaching its expected goals in terms of time, cost and scope. We also ensure that the project’s stakeholders are pleased with the implementation as well as the result, that creates long-term improvements for your business.

Our Toolbox

Risk management

Identifying, analysing, planning for risk mitigation and monitoring risks in a project is crucial for making wise decisions and acting proactively as project managers.

Quality control

To ensure the project's results meet the requirements, and the project complies with agreed upon working methods.

Interest management

To understand who is affected by the project and how, what their requirements and needs of the project are, and how the different stakeholder groups should be handled during the project.

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