Sale and Procurement

Of Complex Technical Systems

Trilogik has experience from procurement of complex technical systems and maintenance agreements for technical systems, for buyers as well as suppliers.

Our general analytical ability and experience in the fields of maintenance and logistics increases your probability of a successful procurement or sales. With simulations and other models for analysis and dimensioning at hand, we make sure that you as:


  • Get a clear picture of your probable risks and costs to meet availability and maintenance commitments.
  • Get suggestions on attractive, measurable commitments that strengthen your offer.


  • Choose the option that best meets your requirements and expectations of availability, maintenance and cost.
  • Achieve a possibility to monitor and verify commitments.

Sale Support

In sales of complex technical systems, our supporting role often includes analysis and specification of the system’s availability and maintenance costs. We co-operate with our customers to create competitive quotes, where availability and / or support is an important part of the final sale.

Tender Backing
Analysis of customer requirements and proposed commitments regarding availability, reliability, support, etc. linked to costs and risks.

Competitive Commitments
We help you identify and formulate appropriate commitments based on relevant and measurable parameters. This may concern anything from terms, exceptions, procedures and conditions for operation and follow-up.

Penalty Clauses
To ensure that the clauses have a positive impact on the business, with the main purpose of ensuring that the requirements are upheld and the penalty does not expire.

Procurement Support

In procurements of complex technical systems, we primarily assess the reliability of different solutions and their impact on availability and maintenance costs. Trilogik also has extensive experience of procuring maintenance contracts.

The agreement may be a comprehensive availability agreement, or a more specific agreement regarding the maintenance of more expensive spare parts, such as LRUs.

Our Process

1. Analysis of Requirements

Identify and formulate the procurements operational reliability and / or availability requirements. This work is, of course, based on the final user's underlying requirements, but these often need to be “translated” into more basic and measurable technical properties.

2. Formulation of Request for Tender

Create a specification of the requirements and the sets of data that must be included in the quotation and present them to the suppliers.

3. Evaluation of Tender

Analyse reliability requirements or availability requirements based on suppliers' quotes, usually supplemented by a dialogue with suppliers. Present a clear comparison between the costs and requirements of each supplier.

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