Dimensioning and Optimisation

Changes in operating or maintenance conditions, or implementing a new technical system? We help you find cost-effective solutions and strategies by analysing all aspects of your maintenance system.

Risk Minimisation

Predict potential problems with changes in operational conditions or the introduction of a new system to ensure maximum availability.

Cost Optimisation

Optimise the availability of spares to ensure you obtain maximum availability for your invested capital. Find and eliminate unnecessary costs, such as poorly dimensioned parts of the maintenance system, or redundant spare parts.

Custom Solutions

We adapt to the needs of our customers and constantly refine our tools to achieve the best results possible.

Dimensioning and Optimisation

An efficient maintenance system achieves a healthy balance between cost and efficiency. By carefully evaluating your process, we can help you achieve:

  • Cost-effective supplies of spares
  • Optimal utilisation of maintenance personnel
  • Maximum availability for your invested capital

We help dimensioning your current, or future maintenance system to find the most cost effective solution for your needs. Our consultants use simulation tools and formula-based analysis tools to dimension resource quantities and other maintenance conditions such as:

  • Maintenance staff
  • More expensive types of spare parts (Line Replaceable Units, LRUs)
  • Supply and stock policies
  • Transport strategies

Cost Optimisation

A balanced maintenance system is an optimal system. We help maximize the impact of your invested funds by finding and eliminating over- and under dimensioned parts of your maintenance system.

Our analysis of your maintenance system includes the entire maintenance solution in terms of prerequisites, strategies and operational procedures, not just the resource quantities.

Our consultants keep an ongoing dialogue with you as a client to share information and insights, throughout the project. As part of the result, we present a number of alternative solutions that provide a balance between resources, system utilisation and cost.

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