Software Development

For Reliability Analysis and Simulation. From basic modeling, to the final software solution.

Custom Development

Our software solutions are all based on the same solid technical foundation and developed to serve your business’ needs and unique conditions.

Proactive Solutions

Collect data and evaluate your maintenance system in order to identify and prevent future maintenance issues.

An Efficient Maintenance Process

Build a digital model of your technical system and simulate various scenarios to optimise your operational performances and availability.

Software for Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation is a method of exploring how a complete technical system operates and how it can be improved. Rather than testing various potential solution in practice, simulation uses computer programs to build a digital model of your system or process, where the alternatives can be tested and compared to different conditions and in different scenarios.

This makes it possible to study the system’s strengths, weaknesses and resource utilisation, as well as evaluate options that are difficult, or impossible to test in reality.

Trilogik primarily develop tools to increase availability and reduce maintenance costs, but the simulation models and software solutions can be customised for use in nearby problem areas.

Model Development and Specification

The development of a new simulation model, or further development of an existing model, begins with the creation of a detailed specification of the desired simulation scenario.

The specification will explore which:

  • Parts of the scenario you want to emphasise on, and therefore need to be modeled with a greater level of detail
  • Parameters you want to be able to vary during optimization
  • Features the model needs to have. Can it be tailored for a particular application or would you like to reuse the model in future applications
  • Performance parameters that are essential to measure and maximize

The specification is then combined with our consultants’ knowledge in applied mathematics and simulation models. The result will be an effective simulation program, tailored to your business’ needs and conditions.

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